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Tour duration: 10 hours

Ghent is a student city full of surprises. The 1000 year Count's Castle has only been occupied once. Do you want to know by whom? Don't be anxious, I will tell you during the tour. . .

Ghent has two rivers and several canals, even the inhabitants don't know which is which. Do you want to know? I will explain you during our tour.

Ghent has an immense cultural and architectural heritage. Saint Bavo cathedral houses a painting which is one of the seven masterpieces of our country. Do you want to know which one? I will reveal it during the tour.


During the car ride we see the Millionaires' Quarter, the Saint-Peter train station and surrounding avenues with Art Nouveau and Art Deco facades, the Saint-Peter square and - church, the Vooruit, the building of the socialist corporations.

The walking tour starts at the Woodrow Wilson square. We discover historical Ghent with:
-The Castle of Gerald the Devil,
-St-Bavo cathedral with Jan Van Eyck's Adoration of the Mystic Lam band with the Belfry,
-the Town Hall,
-the Friday market,
-the Patershol,
-the Old Fish Market at the St Veerlesquare,
-the old harbour with St-Michael's church and a view on the famous Three Towers: the towers of St -Nocolas church, the Belfry and St-Bavo cathedral.

The tour can be customized; it is a proposal, open to questions, changes, remarks and suggestions. You will find me flexible on the day, both with regards to timing and contents.

My Volkswagen Caravelle has space of 7 passengers and their luggage. I have the required licenses and am insured to transport passengers.

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