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Tour duration: 13 hours

Daytrip in 8 seater to the Battle of the Bulge battlefields, cemeteries and memorials in the Belgian Ardennes and Luxembourg. 

We visit the sites where the Battle of the Bulge was fought in December 1944 and January 1945. The German Counteroffensive on the Western Front delayed Western Allied offensive plans by five to six weeks, but exhausted German offensive resources. American forces incurred their highest casualties of any operation during the Second World War, and also German personnel sustained heavy losses.

Do you wish to see Bastogne and where General McAuliffe said "Nuts!" in reply to a German surrender ultimatum? You will visit the site with me on this tour.

We visit a selection of battlefields, cemeteries and memorials in the Belgian Ardennes and Luxembourg.

We visit your selection of the main Battle of the Bulge battlefields, cemeteries and memorials, e. g.

• Henry-Chapelle American Cemetery
• Luxembourg American Cemetery where George S. Patton is burried
• Ardennes American Cemetery Neuville en Condroz
• German Military Cemetery at Recogne

• Mardasson Memorial Museum
• 101ste Airborn Museum The Mess, Bastogne
• Bastogne Barracks
• Baugnez 44 Historical Center at Malmedy
• December 44 Museum at Stoumont

• Mardasson Memorial
• 101st Easy Company - Battle of the Bulge Memorial
• Bois Jacques with Foxholes 101st Easy Company and the Paix Woods (Bois de la Paix) in Foy
• The Houfalize Panther
• Peiper's Billbox
• 505th parachute infantry regiment memorial at Trois Ponts
• Malmedy Massacre Memorial
• 1st infantry Division "the Big Red One" Memorial at Büllingen
• 394th Infantry Regiment Memorial at Losheimergraben
• General George S. Patton Memorial in Bastogne
• Siegfried Line at Hellenthal

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