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Tour duration: 10 hours

Private Tour from Antwerp cruise terminal to Brussels and Antwerp in an 8 seater mini-bus

Brussels was built on seven hills which offer spectacular views. Do you want to see the city from the Mountain of the Gallow or the Mountain of Art? I will take you there on our walking tour.

Brussels is an astounding cultural and architectural heritage: do you want to see gems of gothic architecture of art nouveaux? Follow me on the tour and discover masterpieces.

Do you know the difference between a Liège waffle and a Brussels waffle? Between a Trappist beer of a Brussels beer of spontaneous fermentation? Between a Neuhaus and a Marcolini praline? We can taste them during your tour.

Antwerp is situated at the river Schelde. On various locations you will see references to a hand. Do you want to know why? I will tell you the ancient legend which is at the base of the hand being the symbol of Antwerp.

Peter Paul Rubens lived and worked in Antwerp in the first half of the 17th century. Do you wish to see some of his most famous paintins and where he made them? Discover the secrets of Rubens on my tour.

You are picked up at the cruise terminal of Antwerp or at your hotel in Brussels or in a radius of 100 kms (60 miles) of Brussels. Brussels is a 40 minutes drive from Antwerp.

In the morning we discover Brussels by car with the Atomium, the gothic cathedral, the 19th century Palace of Justice, the Jubilee Park with king Leopold II's museum island and universal exhibition halls. We also discover the city on foot : from the fish market over the Halles Saint-Géry to the most beautiful market square of Europe, the "Grand Place".

In the afternoon we explore Antwerp: by car and on foot we see the old harbour, the Central Station (the fourth most beautiful in the world according to Newsweek), and a lot of modern architecture, for example the new Palace of Justice by Richard Rogers, the "Museum aan de Stroom" by Neutelings Riedijk and the new Port House by Zaha Hadid. The Market Square with the Town Hall and the beautiful "Golden Age" Guild Houses and the Cathedral of Our Lady complete the walking tour.

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